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Print Design - Cry NZ Business Cards


Logo, Website, Printing (business cards, posters, letterhead, forms), Promotional (pens, T-shirts, hats, event signage)


One of our more unusual logo requests.  CryNZ does Cryogenic freezing of horse semen and Clare wanted this represented in her logo seen as the name of CryNZ didn't completely give away what her business was.

The gold and black tones with a glass lamination give the business cards a luxury and high quality look and feel, because that's what you get when you work with Clare, but we've also been able to reverse out the colours, remove backgrounds for clothing and evolve the logo so that it works across all print, signage and promotional ideas.

The business is no longer 'just cryogenically frozen semen', Clare has made a name and reputation for herself and her services and it's been really cool to be a part of the process to help and watch Clare grow.

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Website Design - Cry NZ


Initially, the website for CryNZ started as a place to let new customers know about what they did and how they could help. 


Since then it has evolved into a place where customers can get up to date breeding advice, look at Stallion options from the ever-growing catalogue of available Stallions and even make bookings and request dispatching of semen.

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This means the customer has everything they need in one place to enable them to make their own informed decisions about what is best for them and their Mare.

Website Design - Cry NZ Mobile
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