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August 06, 2020


We are passionate about creating high performing websites for businesses. We’re able to offer a unique product to optimise a website according to Google specifications. Google is the largest search engine in the world and creates algorithms to put websites in front of people based on an ever complex and ever changing list of factors.

As technology advances and the data available to search engines continues to increase, business owners and marketers have an opportunity to tap into these databases to learn specifics about customers and markets online. 

Each individual has a unique history online. The likes and comments you make on social media, the pages you visit (and for how long), the ads you scroll past (and the ads you watch a second longer than the rest), are all things that contribute to your user history online. 

Digital marketers are able to track this customer history using pixels to learn what other interests, products and services a person engages with online. A correctly optimised website will then target people with similar interests as the average person visiting your page using Facebook or Google Pixel. 

A key part of this process is making sure only people that are interested in your product/service are visiting your page. This way your website can collect accurate data on your real time customers and continue to target people that are more likely to be interested. Accessing and utilising this data allows us to decrease unnecessary advertising spend on people that are not interested. 

Other factors influencing your SEO include bounce rate and backlinking. The number of people going to your website or landing page and then immediately leaving is your bounce rate. When people are interested and spend longer on your site and engage with the media, bounce rate is reduced, in turn increasing SEO and lifting your Google ranking. Backlinking is creating links or relationships between your website and other well reputed websites. The more credible sites you are linked to and the higher their organic Google ranking the stronger yours will be.

Focusing on these elements of your website can make paying for Google AdWords obsolete. Having a stronger organic site is far more valuable for the purpose of attracting consumers. Your business presence online should always be driving traffic back to your website where you then have the opportunity to make a sale, provide a service or deliver information of your choosing. Your own website is the only part of the internet that you can control. So make sure that it’s working correctly for you.

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