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Let’s talk design.

Besides a memorable and relevant brand logo, there is so much more to business branding than a card!

Designing valuable branding will generate interest in your business and is important for building and maintaining trust in your customer base. Branding is the personality of your brand, a way for you to communicate to potential customers what it is, as a company, you are most passionate about.

Our design team is passionate about creating meaningful brand designs that serve the needs of the company and speak to their ideal customers.

Brand identity.

Your brand identity is the appearance of your brand when represented across multimedia. Starting with the logo, colour theme, texts, shapes and design style that make up your logo and any other media you purpose to represent your brand. Colours, texts and themes should be chosen to be specific and authentic to your company.

Brand personality.

Brand personality represents the feelings you are trying to trigger your customer to associate with your brand. Using the imagery or brand identity of your business to create personified traits for a customer to make an emotional connection to or a personality to relate to. It is known that emotions play a large role in the consumer process. A customer is more likely to purchase a particular product or service from a company if their emotions have been affected in a positive way.

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Perfecting your brand identity and personality through interesting and meaningful design is the best way to make sure you are attracting your ideal community of customers and maintaining a connection with them so that they come back again and again.

If you’re starting a new business or looking at giving your existing business something extra, start bouncing around ideas with us.