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Website Design - Workable Farm Safety

Workable Farm Safety

Logo, Vehicle Signage, Website, Printing (business cards, flyers, letterhead, working documents), pens, stickers


This was a new business venture for Liz, having seen how lacking Health and Safety was in the farming industry she wanted to do something to change it. 


We started off with a simple yet effective logo to portray who and what Workable Farm Safety offers. 

Throughout her research and talking with farmers, Liz had made the connection that is wasn't easy for them to find information that they needed to be compliant and safe, which is why she wanted to incorporated the puzzle piece, because Working Farm Safety, pieces it all together.

The logo works effectively as a 1/4 wrap on the back of Liz' work vehicle and then further colours and info graphics were incorporated into the documents that clients get as part of the package. 

Website Design Workable Farm Safety

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