Workable Farm Safety


July 21, 2020


Liz approached us back in 2017 when she was looking at starting her health and safety business. She needed a logo to set the visual standard for her brand going forward. As a lawyer and experienced farmer Liz, as Workable Farm Safety, now provides the correct signage and documentation for farmers to safely operate, according to legislation.

It is always super exciting to be able to work with a company right from the beginning as their business starts it’s development journey. We took her slogan “piecing the puzzle together” and consulted with Liz to refine a simple and clean logo. 

After the logo was finalised, Workable Farm Safety was ready for business cards, flyers, an email signature, letterheads and stickers which our team had fun designing and printing.

The most vital aspect of the project was the documents themselves that would become one of Workable Farm Safety’s main products. Together we perfected their pages, aiming to make the legislation easier for everyone to understand and implement. Workable Farm Safety continues to order these prints off us when needed. Liz will bring us maps of the farms she is working with and we will design a map with farm hazards clearly located and colour coded. 

Absolutely fantastic. I am so proud of the website. Luiza has done a wonderful job. I cannot believe how much work we have put into it considering I had absolutely no idea when we first started. Luiza’s expertise has been invaluable. Thank you once again.

Because Liz was out and about visiting farms regularly, she wanted to start utilising her time on the road and the advertising potential of her car. She needed a bold design to make the most of the space and get her new business seen. We were able to design and wrap her Toyota Vanguard in Workable Farm Safety branding to be bright, eye-catching and professional. 

As part of the business launch, Workable farms needed multimedia advertisements to test the waters and see where the best response lay. Rounding out the launch project, we designed TV and magazine advertising. For Liz the magazine advertising has been the most successful thus far. However she’s eager to drive website traffic and start making the most of her business’ online potential as she grows.

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